Saturday, June 9, 2018

Tadhana 09 June 2018

Tadhana 09 June 2018Watch PINOY TELESERYE REPLAY "Tadhana (lit. Destiny) 09 June 2018 - is a Philippine weekly drama anthology television series broadcast by GMA Network. Hosted by Marian Rivera, it premiered on May 20, 2017 replacing Karelasyon and also aired on May 28, 2017 worldwide via GMA Pinoy TV. It also started airing on GMA News TV since May 27, 2017.You really have to listen carefully to the conversation to appreciate this episode. Walang masyadong action but oh boy the script is well made. The entire story is in the conversation alone. If you are a visual audience, this is not for you. You will never like it when the only two characters in the story are the only ones you see, almost in the entire video. Marian is great. He is really good if only he knew how to give importance to his talent. I'm hoping he will realize he has a great potential to be the best.
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