Friday, June 8, 2018

Sins I Fond You 08 June 2018

Watch "PINOY TELESERYE REPLAY"   Since I Found You 08 June 2018 -I did, based on the preview I watched, I was in line with my suggestion that Dani would be Nathan's employee again so the two of them would put together his business. The writer of this series sucks.sir nathan do not think that you left n danny. You're just wondering if you'll ever get your heart back to him. No matter how good Gino is. Obviously, it was just a set-up try to gain trust from Dani. I'm guessing it's an activity here ah very obvious as an ad hoc that Dani's client, bags suddenly sulpot Gino to d rescue I gave it few days yet you producers and screenwriters are insisting on another typical Filipino drama (all fight and mixed). Why is it really hard to show to the public that life can be good most of the times? Time to stop watching. Good riddance! Wow, Gino is the manipulator, the poison of the human mind and his dad is sarimao. Gino uses Danica, what does Gino say "The Danica Builders Company" is that? Nathan looked at Gino's face, but Nathan looked at Gino's dad, but he did not know him so obviously if he knew Nathan ... they snake and ladder first, Arci was not worthy of gf. Nathan was full of trouble and he did it. The more you believe in Gino and the other you are. trinaydor your boyfriend then you're still a friend of traitors..(Source from wikipedia)

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