Thursday, June 14, 2018

Kambal Karebal 14 June 2018

Watch "PINOY TELESERYE REPLAY" Kambal, Karibal (lit. Twin, Rival) 14 June 2018 -. So, the twins will stay in the world, Crisan's body but Crisel's soul. And Geraldine is of course her character and sometimes se does not trust the truth so she will not believe their daddy. The teleserye was like the typical teleserye in the 1990s. The artists are so good that it's ... it's hard to say that Jose says it's okay to overlap scenes when Geraldine says that "my children are dead" just the same time that died Crisan :( This show deserves an award in PMPC Star awards. What kind of show is this which body is in the body of the dead this is unreal..the year of the death of the chrysanthe until now the soul is still traveling .. you auctioneer to panot direk .Visual effects n lng yatenggaga siya sa grass? sayang nmn acting ni bianca nakakataw ng ps ang tunay na lawn ang scene nya.anyways, bkit ang bilis matapos ang magandang p nmn ang kuwento ska mataas ang ratings. Just take a sip of plenty of water..(Source from Wikipedia).
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