Monday, June 11, 2018

Eat Bolaga 12 June 2018

Watch "PINOY TELESERYE REPLAY" Eat Bulaga EB 12 June 2018 Full Episode Replay at Pinoy Channel Tambayan Lambingan Online Replay.I think this is the funniest episode so far besides the dungeon boy. Age does not matter and you do not want to have a heart rate in the eyes of the boy haha. That's the punchline from Allan K to Jose. And it's good to see Alden, at least he's there at least more fun the group especially andyan aldub. Fck the haters th! Alden is not talking about them, Alden knows that Laguna is home to them and is just near them. It seems that the two are very helpful. So I'm not expecting to stay aldub. Hopefully their movie will continue.Like Heart, married but still aartist. Alden is in the panel, but it seems that the dabarkads in Aldub do not seem to have been making the debut. You do not have the same feelings as before. They are so excited that they are just friends. You know how much, if you do not want to eat alden and eaten or eat bulaga, do not watch. You do not even want to eat and do not even watch eat bulaga. Now again, the aldub is worth it! Even the stony lines are simple; ok na po Thank you EB. I hope to continue to.No, we're eexpecting too much, just as Alden and Maine talk about it just fine. I'm an episode now. t's weird but Watching this I think it hurt my heart more as an Aldub fan than anything else! Feels empty for some reason! When people u believed in let go of each other and smile thru everything! Luv u Kaya Jose!"PINOY TELESERYE LOVE" .(Source from Wikipedia).

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