Thursday, June 14, 2018

Doktor Crass 14 June 2018

Watch "PINOY TELESERYE REPLAY"    Doctor Crush 14 June 2018 - The series which proves that love is life’s greatest doctor will debut on primetime after “Since I Found You.” Topbilled by Kim Rae Won, Lee Sung-Kyung and Park Shin Hye, the show follows the story of a delinquent-turned-doctor who is being wooed by her former teacher and now colleague in a hospital. Ever since high school, Giselle (Park Shin Hye) always gets into a fight because of her rebellious attitude. This was brought about by the hardships in life she had to go through at an early age. She finds it hard to trust people and only trusts her grandmother whom she loves very much.One day she meets her professor Nico (Kim Rae Won), who tries to put her back on track. Nico had a rough life as a teenager and that is why he feels for high school students going through difficult times like Giselle.The two are getting along well as friends until a nasty rumor about them having an indecent relationship spread on campus. .(Source from wikipedia)

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