Monday, June 11, 2018

Bag4ne 11 June 2018

Watch "PINOY TELESERYE REPLAY Bagani 11 June 2018- That's how a true Bagani is, Liksi, stay strong, and stand your ground against Matadora. You must really be strong because you are expecting All of the Plains to continue using the Kataw's shield. It is difficult to rush and fight immediately "the opponents". As long as violence is avoided, it is best to return to Strength and Ganda. As Miss Linda understands the youths who are wondering and Without Strength, they need to find the 5th Bagani nothing but the Ganda. The opponent of the entire universe is Sarimaw, so he must only fight against the If you want to avoid getting hurt or taxing lives especially the innocent people of the Universe.Hopefully the plan to save Likas's family will be successful, but knowing Sarimaw has "eyes and ears" everywhere, he might still be able to thwart the plan ... but "Good will always prevail over evil." super bagani really and if you are to obey it well and understand it well the story is the story of our world the world of greed in power the greed of every creature is so great that this telesery is giving a great deal of sound not just watching a simple teleserye, though it is a way for us to open our minds to the evil things that happen to us undo(Source from wikipedia)

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