Saturday, May 12, 2018

# DRP 12 2018

Dok Ricky, Pedia (Pedia ng Barangay) March 28, 2018Watch " PINOY TELESERYE REPLAY"   Dok Ricky,Pedia (Pedia ng Barangay) May 12, 2018.The TV show is about the many events in the first 1000 days of a child from conception up to his second birth age. This also tells the story of a doctor known as Dok Ricky (Dominic Ochoa) together with his teenaged son, who transfers to a suburban barangay to be its resident doctor to the newly renovated Barangay Health Center. He is a widower who made a promise to his wife that he’ll serve the community that his wife served as a Nurse and visited when she was still alive. Aside from Dok Ricky’s adventures, he will be surrounded by colorful characters from the barangay who will make their journey to healthier minds and nourishing hearts more exciting."Barangay Masigla prepares a warm welcome for its new resident doctor, Ricky Santos. However, Kap Cora is visibly disappointed upon discovering the doctor’s gender. Later, Dok Ricky discusses the significance of the “First 1000 Days” to his first patients. Afterward, he shares the importance of prenatal care with another pair of expecting parents. Busy catering to his patients, Dok Ricky unknowingly loses sight of his own son’s needs. "

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