Tuesday, May 15, 2018

#Bgn 15 May 2018

Watch "PINOY TELESERYE REPLAY Bagani #Bgn 15 May 2018- I thought this Ep will show Lakas and Ganda together, well, flashback is good, and there’s an entire week or 4 days make it come true.Especially Lakas is having his own dreams of Ganda, unaware that Ganda is really using all her powers to connect with the outside of that “Dako Paroon”-showing herself to those she loves the most and closest connections.”telepathic communications using deep emotions of Love”, like in a dream - sabi nga ni Lakas “ pag mahal ang isang tao, lagi silang laman ng mga panaginip mo...”Well, it’s really more than that, Lakas, you really have to believe and you will find out later on, Ganda is very much alive, not just in your dreams, she trying to reach out to you.Well at least, Liksi was successful in freeing Datu. Liksi really has a way with words, the “power of suggestion”...he was able to convince the people of the Sea Region (Taga- Laot) to join them in their nearing battle with Sarimaw. Being the new Bagani to represent and lead them, together with Datu, the people now unites to go against Sarimaw..(Source from wikipedia)

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