Friday, May 18, 2018

#AG 18 May 2018

Watch "PINOY TELESERYE REPLAY"   Araw Gabi #AG (lit. Day Night) 18 May 2018 - Even though Celestina may have the papers, Odessa might even have been involved. In the box for Mitch, the pot was probably the real inherited by Ana Vida from Don Alegre ... All El Paraiso was given by Don Alegre to Ana Vida ... so the clip is the key to box. Because Don Alegre gave Ana Vida / Mitch Ana Ana a baby in Ana Vida, and Don Alegre said Ana Vida was the only heir in El Paraiso so that 50% of El Paraiso inherited Adrian is the secretary of Celestina and Odessa who probably happened .. More twist and turns please. Life is Life Fred (father of Mich) but out of his mind somewhere in the island the treasure box contains the legal documentation that Mich is the sole beneficiary thus giving her the rightful ownership of El Paraiso .... Cora, the trusted house help of Celestina, knows all along that the latter's children are not true DeAlegres - how far is her loyalty to Celestina and Adrian's mom has a direct involvement in the death of Hariette through the evil commands of Celestina and the agreement was to make sure Adrian has half of El Paraiso. And by the way, the about-to-kiss scene in the abangan may just be a hot dream or not! You are right. But Fred is the grandfather of Ana Vida / Mitch, and he is the father of Virgilio. And Virgilio is the father of Ana Vida, and yes Virgilio may still be alive .... the necklace of Ana Vida was given to her by her grandfather Don Frederico de Alegre when she was still a baby, few months old, and he said that Ana Vida is the one and only heir of El Paraiso. And we can say that the necklace pendant is literally the key to open the treasure box ... that's where there are legal documents to prove that Ana Vida is the only sole heir of the entire island of El Paraiso. Maybe, 50% of Celestina's property and 50% to Adrian (I think supposedly was Virgilio's share) were all faked by Celestina and Odessa (Source from wikipedia)

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