Thursday, May 17, 2018

#AG 17 May 2018

Watch "PINOY TELESERYE REPLAY"   Araw Gabi #AG (lit. Day Night) 17 May 2018 - The story is getting exciting. The past episodes didn’t clearly present Virgilio’s demise, so he may still be around somewhere and just disappeared before or after his wife and daughter were attacked. And if Adrian had been the suspected perpetrator, why had his own mother remain good friends with Celestina? It seems like his own mother is involved somehow. Could Celestina be the mastermind of Fred’s death too? All because of greed! The scriptwriter better stay as close to the book as possible. A lot of times, they alter the story for cinematography effect. I have not seen JM in his full length portrayal except this one and I heard he is so good. He did not disappoint, indeed. No wonder ABS CBN didn’t give up on him. Barbie on the other hand is promising, considering she is a newbie. All I wish for her is not to show more skin just to be taken seriously as an actress because she has the potential to fare very well in a dramatic role in due time. (Source from wikipedia)

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