Friday, May 11, 2018

#AG 11 May 2018

 Watch "PINOY TELESERYE REPLAY"   Araw Gabi #AG (lit. Day Night) 11 May 2018 - The art of JM's bkit does not want to give Barbie any more whatsoever he has to admit that he's tired of trying to get the case even if he can try to open his mouth in the right way to say that he does not seem to be shy also in acting onti nlngworkwork you're still . I'm afraid I'm gonna miss the scene. JM drop you down with your anger when crying barbie looks like the parents do not feel like licking a lollipop or candy ..kabwisit. you're in love with the event barbie some episodes that oh .. nice and nice c barbie and jm..kudos ky barbie because start with pics nmn xa acting from grow up xa as actor .. but i must say nice xa. She really does her best to fulfill her role.I only watched this drama series. i like the chemistry of JM and Barbie. kinikilig din ako. well done to you both. hope you have more shows, Teleserye and movies together.we love watching this show. #JuanBie has that undeniable and irresistible chemistry! more projects sana for both of them.Barbie is not a bad actress for a newbie and JM match well with his character. Thumbs up! (Source from wikipedia)

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