Friday, May 18, 2018

#Acntd 18 May 2018

Watch "PINOY TELESERYE REPLAY" Asintado #Acntd 18 May 2018 full Episode- is he anna lethal? The mistake of not having a gun is that he does not use it as a spy. They fight against salvador bags they are not ready, each should have a gun. But as usual, those who knew secretly and yvone had been rebellious to anna. It was like wild flower, but the word BIDA did not make it. Nothing was done. It was a bit of a word, Gina Alcordo, that's a review here Anna nothing has to be done that he should be the pianist. You know what, I think Yvonne is right, Ana did not do anything to save Mona, she was useless more worried about her sprain, dang girl throw them crutches away and save Mona.I thought you were tough but u is not! Yvonne says that I'm going to hide the truth about Ana's true brother ... Mona, because she's gone, she just did not say Ana to herself, did not you find her, before you Yvonne is the one who will keep the truth about Ana's true brother... Mona, because she walks, she just does not say to Ana, right now, you're looking for her You're about to turn around, just like in the middle of the station. Do not know who knows the secret for something more! i love you so much."(Source from wikipidea)

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