Thursday, April 12, 2018

#TWBA 12 April 2018

Watch "PINOY TELESERYE REPLAY"Tonight with Boy Abunda #TWBA April 12, 2018-The way they answer the question, it's obvious that they're living in. And I agree to how they answer to Boy Abunda's question coz it's their private life and it's their choice!!!! However, being a mom I wouldn't wish this for my own daughter. Yes, it's 2018 and call it old fashion. But I really hope that their young followers will not be influenced with the thought that "living in" is okey. I still look up to the likes of Toni Gonzaga, Sarah G and other well known artists in the Philippines who instill moral values to today's generation!!!!!And I also believe that most men are still conservative in general...Mas mataas ang value ng isang bagay kung pinaghirapan!NO OFFENSE MEANT!I think that is as honest as they can answer that question. Majority of the people in the Philippines are still not open to that. Jadine doesn't have to answer that question because that's part of their private life. If they have answered that with a straight yes, can you imagine all the negative reactions they will get from religious groups, moralists and most especially the bashers.(Source from Wikipedia).
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