Thursday, April 12, 2018

#TGS 12 April 2018

watch "PINOY TELESERYE REPLAY" The Good Son #GS, April 12, 2018.-Good story but they kept it too long, the sub plots became too exhausting to watch, but it was an accurate account of how mental illness destroys relationships. As much as one can easily hate Olivia, her character is pitiful. A chronic liar, pathological lying is a mental illness. It comes hand in hand with sociopathic manifestations - her lack of conscience, her desire to satisfy her needs first before anyone, even her own sons.i like the plot to find and admit the truth through bluffing... joseph's mystery threat notes and enzo's taking the blame for the murder of his dad, to hopefully entrap his mom... cal was also a good son, well perhaps in the wrong way, if only to protect his mom. si obet naman---his purpose was always to seek revenge... the goal to attain justice is always derailed because he;s always out of focus. narrow minded.... he always does things the wrong way..(Source from Wikipedia).

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