Sunday, April 8, 2018

#BS 08 April 2018

Watch "PINOY TELESERYE REPLAY" Banana Sundae (formerly Banana Split) April 08, 2018.- The show was good but the quality of the video was very bad especially in dancing scenes where there are plenty of action and dancing and background lighting. The compression artifacts are very noticeable when viewed on a big screen so I would like to request that please don't compress your video files too much. They just look too ugly for me and besides it's really hard to identify the person/s during the dancing scenes. I hope you people would listen to your viewers comments! .Si Angel ang isa sa masasabi kong pinakamagaling na artista sa Phil cinema. At sana ay matagpuan mo na ang taong tunay na magmamahal sa iyo sa habangbuhay. Sa naririnig at nababasa at napapanood ko sa kung anong klase ang pagkatao mo ay isa ka talagang mabuting tao dahil diyan you really deserve all the best HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANGEL !!! GOD BLESS YOU ALWAYS !!! Congrats din sa Banana Sundae to your 9th Anniversary. You are my stress medicine. God Bless You Guys.You deserve happiness and real love and I’m 100% sure God is still writing the perfect love story for you and still finding the better man to fit the role. Just still believe in love, it will happen, maybe not at the moment but it will happen. You’re a true keeper and a genuine person Angelica Panganiban!! I salute you!Very BAD if not the WORST VIDEO QUALITY ESPECIALLY DURING THE DANCING SCENES WHERE THERE ARE BACKGROUND LIGHTS!SAYANG LANG YONG NICE HD VIDEO CAMERAS NA GINAMIT DURING PRODUCTION PERO MAG-END UP LANG PALA SA GANITONG QUALITY VIDEO NA ALMOST STANDARD QUALITY. I WOULD LIKE TO REPEAT MY REQUEST HERE NA PLEASE DON'T COMPRESS YOUR VIDEO TOO MUCH BECAUSE IT WOULD RESULT IN THIS UGLY QUALITY VIDEO.PLEASE! AND PLEASE DON'T INCLUDE ADVERTISEMENTS ANYMORE, WE'RE PAYING A YEARLY SUBSCRIPTION HERE. YOU FOLKS NOT CONTENT WITH THE MONEY YOU MAKE FROM YOUR SUBSCRIBER THAT'S WHY YOU'RE DOING THIS? COME ON.(Source from Wikipidia.)

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