Monday, April 16, 2018

#Bgn 16 April 2018

Watch "PINOY TELESERYE REPLAY Bagani #Bgn April 16, 2018- kind of awkward in our eyes because "medjo" knows our history ... (I do not know the facts but, I have read some rumor that I do not know what is true of you, you know on the internet, not everything you read is precise, so it's hard to speak or magcomment) but they are actors, am sure, they're in the mood, and for me, they have nothing to explain to fans, that's it that we think as a fans, that they do not always follow the directors if they are in their homes ... I have learned to be sensible ... they just have toinks .. they have a tendency not to meet with set, if they do not want to talk together, anyway, that's their life ... 2018, but it seems like the two have forgiven. I agree with you, I hope they all agree, that you see Lakam's repentance ... Mayari, I do not even see Datu and their family(Source from wikipedia)

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Full Video

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