Monday, April 9, 2018

#Bgn 09 April 2018

Watch "PINOY TELESERYE REPLAY Bagani #Bgn April 09, 2018-As anticipated and very much expected of a Bagani.Ganda sacrificed self.very selfless act of LOVE. So sad, especially for Lakas but that's exactly what Baganis are ... fight and sacrifice for the many. I think Sarimawa just wanted to make sure all 5 Baganis would not be able to use their powers against him so he "disbanded" the warrior heroes. Evil will never prevail over good and LOVE And I still believe Ganda and Mayari will be able to return ... an ultimate fantasy gives the viewers their "forever and happily ever after" ... please do NOT disappoint us..Baliw din si Apo e no D knew he was a part of his power and passed or gave five people. why not they one? When did D die die? Fools Will gather first to fight Sarimaw E how are they going one by one? is it like that when it comes to Dimakulom? and they'll just get along with Wla they did D then they will soon get together then die a Bagani how can they fight Sarimaw? Is it one of them to die? My point is that Apo must pass his power over a Person. (Bring to a Person)(Source from wikipedia)

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full video

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