Thursday, February 8, 2018

Ika 6 na Utos #ISNU 09 February 2018

Watch "PINOY TELESERYE REPLAY" Ika-6 na utos,(lit. Sixth Commandment)-February 09,2018 Full Episode at Pinoy Channel Replay . Ika-6 na Utos If I ask something does not look good and it does not get him and he'll be as happy as his dear friend and they will be with the mental osp. And there they will die death as a part .If I ask something to be bad, it will not be accepted and she will be happy as well as her dear friend and they will be with the mental osp. And there They will die as a part. But it will be said that the truth is that sympathetic bout sydney and milan ... that is deadbol nman .. what is the narrator and writer !!!! Can not you know that milan and sydney is one. What is karma to say to the derector and writer is a catalyst and the wriiter is touched when it is said that the title should be used for god should be the 6th title to die. The karma of selma is crazy about the truth because he is crazy about georgia and he is going to crush the crime of georgia for happy ever after cla emma and Rome!.( Source from Wikipidea).

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